Airsoft in New Jersey

Airsoft Game Schedule

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Saturday May 7, 2016 Time: 10 am  Cost $25.00

Sunday May 15, 2016 Time: 10 am  Cost $25.00

Saturday June 4, 2016 Time: 10 am  Cost $25.00

Sunday June 12, 2016 Time: 10 am  Cost $25.00

Airsoft in New Jersey – Paintball Depot has been selling airsoft guns in our store for several years and now we will be hosting airsoft games at our Field in Belvidere New Jersey . We also fill Hpa bottles for Polarstar and Valken V12 guns and CO2 and green gas for your pistols. Air fills are available at our store at 760 rt 46 in Kenvil NJ or at our game park at 472 rt 46 Belvidere NJ on the weekends.

Airsoft in New Jersey

On the days we have airsoft games we will also be running paintball games as usual on other courses. Airsoft guns use 6mm biodegradable BB’s .

We have seen an interest in airsoft games from our players and we are glad we can provide a safe place for you to play.  For more info and reservations for airsoft call our store.


Belvidere Airsoft in New Jersey

Sign up for our email list to stay current with our events schedule.  We plan to have our first game in march 2016 depending on how long winter lasts. If you have a group that wants to play sooner give us a call to reserve your requested date.

Our April game was a good time for all. Our next game on May 7, 2016. See you there.