Paintball Depot Belvidere New JerseyPaintball is the world’s fastest growing outdoor participation sport.  It’s a combination of childhood “hide and seek” and “tag” but much more sophisticated and challenging!

Paintball is a truly unique sport where women stand on an equal footing with men.  In fact, physical size and strength do not create a star; rather it’s your ability to think ,like in chess, that helps make you the star.  Paintball is many things. But above all it’s fun! Paintball Depot’s field is located in Warren County New Jersey.

Paintball Depot Field New Jersey


Paintball-Depot-Field-New-JerseyPlayers are equipped with protective clothing, goggles, masks and a Paintball Marker.  The game is played between two bases with the object of eliminating your opponents and capturing the opposing teams flag then returning it to your own base.  But watch out!  Because they’ll be doing the same to you.  Usually the time duration of a game is between 20-30 minutes depending on the group size.

This is the basic idea of the sport.  Play paintball for fun or play in a competition.  The refs are there to advise and to ensure standards of safety and player enjoyment.  Book your next outing at the Paintball Depot Field New Jersey. We have ten fields located on fifty acres. The favorites are Tent City, the Valley and the Fort. We provide the best paintball in New Jersey for our customers. We have been running games in the Garden State since 1988. If you want to have a skirmish with your friends or co-workers give us a call. We have group discounts for groups of 20 or more and birthday parties wil play on a field with other birthday parties. Let us make your next event a special day. The best paintball location in New Jersey.

Paintball Depot serves the counties of Warren, Morris, Hunterdon, Sussex, Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Somerset, Middlesex and the rest of the counties in New Jersey. As well as a short drive from  Northeast Pa, Philadelphia, Philly and New York City. Near by towns are Belvidere, Hope, Hackettstown, Washington, Blairstown, Flemington, Phillipsburg, Clinton, Newton, Randolph, Roxbury, MorristownRockaway, Allamuchy, Sparta, Long Valley, Chester and Bridgewater New Jersey. The field is conveniently located a short drive from Pa towns like East Stroudsburg, Bushkill, Bethlehem, EastonPortland, The Delaware Water Gap and the Poconos. Visit the Paintball Depot Field New Jersey. The best paintball field in Warren County New Jersey. A local spot you should not miss is Hot Dog Johnny’s. They have the best hot dogs around. Located right on the Pequest River.  Donaldson Farm is a local farm that has a diverse variety of activities throughout the year. Check them out on your next paintball outing.  Nearby there are apple orchards, tree farms and greenhouses with good prices.  Four Sisters Winery and cafe is just down the road a short drive. S&L auto parts and equipment rental is nearby and can supply all your automotive parts  and equipment rental needs. Hackettstown Oil.net has the best price on heating oil. check them out. Paintball guns in North Jersey.