Active Shooter Training

Do you plan to do any Active Shooter Training in the near future?

Paintball Depot 2 llc. can provide all your training equipment needs for your airsoft scenarios.

We can put a package together to suit your needs and schedule.   Alice training.

Equipment Rentals.

Goggles with facemask

1-99 masks         $5.00 ea./ day

100+ masks        $4.00 ea./ day

Active Shooter Training

Chest protectors

$5.00 ea./ day

valken chest protector

Airsoft guns

Rifles                    $25.00 ea./ day

 tippmann m4

Pistols                  $25.00 ea./ day

m&p9 airsoft

Paintball Depot 2 llc
760 Rt 46
Kenvil,NJ 07847
(973) 584-2220

Check out ALICE Training for their courses.