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Paintball: The Best New Team Building Idea
New Jersey companies have sent thousands of their associates to our team building program. They have sent their Corporate-Outings-Paintball-Games-New-Jerseycorporate boards and their middle managers. They have played Sales vs. Service, Chemist vs. Biologist, and Marketing vs. Sales. It enhances competition and increases the belief in teamwork.

Some Comments From Past Participants
“This beats those formal courses that cost three times as much and do not even get half of the results.”

“After completing the one day Paintball Team Building Program our associates were going out of their way to help each other.”

“It really opened our lines of communication.”

“We were so busy having fun, we didn’t realize we were doing a team building exercise.”

“You learn to work closer together by actually doing it in a very relaxed atmosphere.”

Paintball: The Perfect Team Building Activity
Paintball Depot’s Team Building Program is designed to enhance teamwork among company associates. By relying on each other in a “staged” environment, associates go on to utilize those team skills on a variety of levels in the workplace. The key to the team building program is that it fosters healthy competition and forces associates to think as one in a challenging situation. Thus, the experience increases the associate’s belief in teamwork.  Paintball Depot annually hosts dozens of company team building outings.  These companies range form the small business downtown to large corporations. Over the years thousands of associates – often times managers and even CEO’s – have worked together in Paintball Depot’s team building program. Scenarios have included Sales vs. Service, Chemist vs. Biologists, and Marketing vs. Sales, among others. (please put this under the heading “Paintball: the best new team building idea”)
How The Paintball Team Building Experience Works
Enhancement of Group Dynamics

Breakdown of Employer/Employee Barriers

Improved Morale

Enhanced Camaraderie

Breakdown of Sex Barriers

Opportunity to Experience Individual Personalities Outside the Workplace

Relaxation, Exercise and Inspiration

Exposure of Unrealized Employee Leadership and Planning Skills

Corporate Outings Paintball Games New Jersey