Paintball Birthday Party

Paintball Birthday Party

Do you want to do something different this Year? Paintball is great for a birthday party . Kids ages 10-17. Parents can also play.  Your group will play with other birthday parties. It will be a party that they will be talking about for weeks.  Your group will be playing on several different fields or maps which will have a variety of terrain and bunkers to hide behind.  There are picnic tables in the staging area for your group to use and we also have a food package available so you all you have to do is enjoy the day.

Rates $25.00 per player, 10 kids minimum. Includes play, gun, goggles and 100 paintballs per player.

Birthday parties play with other Birthday parties. Private fields are available to groups of 20 or more.

Call us to book your Birthday Party. 973-584-2220.

paintball birthday party

Ready to play!

Paintball Depot has been providing fun filled paintball birthday party games since 1988.

If your kids happen to be under 10 years old we also run mobile laser tag games. Laser tag games can be done at our game park or in your back yard. We bring the game to you. check out our lasertag site!